About Us

Portrait Artist
Daniel A. Green
For more than 40 years, Dan’s expertise in creating superior artistic portraits is well known.  His uncanny innovative prowess, combined with a passion for photographic perfection, continue to exceed client expectations.  Further honing his talent, Dan has eagerly grasped and continues to incorporate cutting edge digital era nuances into his portraits.

Photography by Green’s standard of excellence:
“Create artistic portraits that will stand the test of time.”

The Photography by Green studio difference lies in offering its clients a myriad of options- from in-studio portraits to modeling for fun – not to mention picturesque outdoor garden settings.  Dan doesn’t stop there.  He offers on-location portraits at your home or special place.  He ensures your proofs are custom-cropped and edited for the most striking poses possible to capture each person’s personality.  Dan even adds a few graphics to portraits.
For capturing the most unique photographic moments of your life, look to Photography by Green and let Dan and his team create your beautiful portraits that will certainly stand the test of time.

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